Thank you for visiting our website.  We are a mother and son company and would love to help you protect your medication.  Below is a brief introduction of how our family business came to be:

My son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of five.  I learned very fast about all things diabetic.  Our routine revolved around doctor visits, pharmacy calls and visits, insurance calls and stipulations, meals, snacks, blood sugar tests and the most important thing of all...insulin.  His life became dependent on insulin. 

Through the years when his insulin vials busted on our kitchen tile floor, it would be very concerning.  These accidental breakages created more pharmacy and insurance approval processes which take money and time, and he needed his shot. 

I searched for some kind of protection for his insulin, but at the time there wasn't anything on the market.  Throughout school, he had to take his insulin everywhere - school, sports, camps and friends houses.  

That's when I began my journey with VialGuard.  I spent years learning and developing it, have (3) granted patents on the product, and my son is now a partner with me.  We are still learning and developing, but we are hoping to help other people protect their medication vials. 

Thank you for visiting our site, and please contact us with any questions!